Mister Cartoon

mr cartoon

Honored to be a part of this mural and super honored for the acknowledgment and kind words he had to say about it. Downtown has changed drastically, especially this part of it to me. Went from just being bums, cops, and drug addicts to people walking dogs, going jogging, and vegan restaurants. Those from L.A. know who Mister Cartoon is, and what a impact he had on Los Angeles as a culture. So he was the subject of this piece and made us proud to do something in Downtown near skid row for him and for the people who don’t know what real L.A. was and is. Much respect to CToons for the love and look forward to doing more work with my brother Never.

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Sorry for not updating this more often…

Been a looonnnnggg time since I updated the website, I added some new pics to the galleries and will try and keep up on it more. Got a ton of stuff I need to put on here, so subscribe and you can get updates on when it gets posted. IMG_2173-2Edited

RAW Hollywood showcase re-cap and pics…

Few new pieces and pics from the RAW Hollywood Showcase… The show went better than expected and look forward to hearing from everyone who I met last night, it was a pleasure!

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For all those who supported, I give thanks for making it an epic night!

Some press for the eve…

2013-05-02 19.28.17